Ph.D. in AI & Cybersecurity 

18. 11. 2021

A vibrant topic that will kick off your research career: Simulation environments for the development of autonomous cybersecurity solutions

  • BRNO
  • Full–time
  • AI-DOJO project

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What's this about?

  • The goal of this Ph.D. study is to advance the research of simulation and emulation environments used for training and development of ML-powered cybersecurity solutions.

  • It will build upon a large body of research on topics of discrete-event simulation, process and user modeling, reinforcement learning, and cybersecurity.

  • It shall synthesize the results from these domains and come up with novel solutions adapted to the future of autonomous cybersecurity

The research key areas

  • Cybersecurity Modelling - including cybersecurity processes, attack, defense, and communication behavior, and users and their interaction;

  • Environment Automation - including cybersecurity scenario generation, dataset creation, and deployment automation;

  • AI Algorithm Deployment - including explainability, transferability between environments, and evaluation.

The research shall expand and advance the current state-of-the-art technologies developed at Masaryk university within C4e, BEAST, and KYPO projects. It will be realized in the context of the AI-Dojo project and is expected to continue in a follow-up basic research project.

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Cybersecurity Laboratory

Our laboratory connects technologies, people, information, and processes in the cybersecurity domain.

We are in the field for more than 15 years, we formed the cybersecurity team of Masaryk University CSIRT-MU and completed a lot of impactful projects.

Including the one where we cooperated with U.S. Army or the project where the KYPO Cyber Range Platform was created.

However, we don't look back. We focus on the challenges of the future. 

AI-DOJO Project

AI-Dojo is a testbed for the research and development of cybersecurity technologies using artificial intelligence (AI).

  • It enables deploying, modifying, and testing AI-based solutions and evaluating their behavior.

  • AI-Dojo simulates and emulates real systems, enables building optimal attack and defense strategies, and analyzing the effects of AI misuse against IT infrastructure.

  • The AI-Dojo monitors and visualizes events within the testbed.

  • It is possible to involve a human in the interactions as an attacker or a defender to train the management of AI-abusing threats or to model the organization's cybersecurity processes.

  • The AI-Dojo contributes to a better understanding of AI technologies and finding ways to better secure conventional information systems against AI-based cyberattacks

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