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  • We're searching for eager students to join our internships beginning in the summer of 2024.
  • Your responsibilities will vary based on your preference, providing diverse learning experiences.
  • You'll enjoy considerable autonomy while benefiting from the guidance of an experienced mentor.
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Internships 2024

1. Penetration testing

  • Goal: Analyze and enhance the security of the INJECT software platform through penetration testing and implementing best practices for secure deployment and operation.
    • OWASP

2. Experimental integration of an LLM in the INJECT exercise platform

  • Goal: Using an existing API (e.g. OpenAI API) or a local LLM (Mistral, Llamma 2, ...) to support communication within the INJECT Exercise platform. The work would include integrating a chatbot processing prepared communication via email templates and suggesting the most relevant answers.
    • PYTHON

3. Design and preparation of exercises for cybersecurity managers

  • Goal: Design and develop tailored exercises for cybersecurity managers within the INJECT Exercise Platform to improve their strategic decision-making and response skills in cybersecurity scenarios.  
    • YAML, ISMS

4. Development of the web UI of the AI-Dojo project

  • Goal: Create a user-friendly web interface for the AI-Dojo project, facilitating interaction with autonomous cybersecurity systems and enhancing the overall user experience.

5. Redesign of Cybersecurity courses at FI MU

  • Goal: Contribute to the redesign of new courses PB177 Cyber Attacks and PV297 Cybersecurity Training at FI MU to ensure they effectively cover modern cybersecurity topics and equips students with relevant knowledge and skills.

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How does internship work in our lab?

  • 1. Choose the internship you prefer.
  • 2. Preliminary meeting – to make the internship meaningful for everyone. It is possible to link your internship with thesis writing.
  • 3. Kick-off – we will define all the essentials to ensure everything goes well.
  • 4. Internship - blocks of independent work combined with mentoring.
  • 5. Final meeting - closure of your internship and evaluation. It is also possible to discuss further cooperation.

About Cybersecurity Laboratory

Our laboratory connects technologies, people, information, and processes in the cybersecurity domain.

We are in the field for more than 15 years, we formed the cybersecurity team of Masaryk University CSIRT-MU and completed a lot of impactful projects.

Including the one where we cooperated with U.S. Army or the project where the KYPO Cyber Range Platform was created.

However, we don't look back. We focus on the challenges of the future. 

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